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Welome to the very first invite for TSTB Sedona Retreat - June 2019 

It's happening! June 8th to 10th!

I am so excited that you are here and that you get to experience this very unique event, which sole purpose is to help you shed all the layers of heaviness that have kept you from living your life to its fullness until now. 

Before my own experience of true self, I didn't feel my value at all. My self esteem was very low, I had very little motivation to go for my dreams, and I even when I would try, it felt like I was going into circles. 

What I didn't know back then was that, deeply burried under preconceptions, emotions and under painful memories, was this brightest part of myself that I never in my wildest dreams could have imagined existed: my true self.

From that moment on, my life changed completly. 

I gained new confidence in my life! I became so creative ! I became an action taker! 

I used being connected to my true self in my business, and it exploded!

My life completely changed from then on. Not just mine: my husband's and my kids also. 

Lots of healing came into our family. We healed paterns that had been growing in both our families for generations. 

We broke many different cycles, and I started feeling like I could breath again! 

I created huge growth in my business, impacting thousands of peoples' lives accross the world.

Now, there is a lot more that I can share about my experience, but please hear what past participants had to say about theirs below:

Anik went from feeling stuck in her relationship and business to creating a fresh new life and home for her family

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Jean found deeper connection with herself than she ever imagined possible

Regular price: $1200 . Early bird ( before May 15th ) options below. 

Event Details

TSTB Sedona Retreat will be held at Sedona Mago Retreat June 8 -10, 2019 . 

Participants are highly encouraged to be at the retreat center at by June 7th evening, as we start pretty early in the morning of the 8th. Plus, we'll have a special dinner gathering on June the 7th, that you won't want to miss . 

Event ends at 11:30 am on June the 10th. 

Note: We are planning an after party event for those that choose to stay for it. After party starts afternoon of June the 10th to June the 12th. 

We will be taking a day trip and touring the Grand Canyon for our After party this year. Extra fees apply for the After Party. More details to come. 

TSTB Sedona June 2019 Hosts:

Dihessa Bodjona: Energy Master who has been teaching and giving energy healing for more than 7 years. 

Anita Ahn: Master healer, teacher and workshop trainer for nearly two decades.

Eyabane Patasse: Energy Master / Intuitive healer 

+ Surprise Host ! 


When you sign up today, you will be invited to special light-sound-vibration sessions with Dihessa, to prepare you energetically and vibrationally for opening up to receive all that you are asking for. 

Event Flow

Day 1 

  • Exercises for increased energy circulation and to develop body awareness. Each participant makes a clear and specific goal. Principles of Tao and True Self are introduced. 
  • Understanding Yourself: Through group experiences, dive deep to understand the layers surrounding your core being that ave blocked personal and business growth. 
  • Art of Inner Healing: Experience the power of inner healing, getting you inspired into action that aligns with who you are and gets you out of procrastination, codependency and all the things that are stopping you from materializing your dreams. 
  • Intuitive session with hubby Eyabane. Finding self confidence through awakening and strengthening your intuition, and unleash a world of possibilities around you by going deeper inside . 
  • Showing up Authentically: Group activity to demonstrate how to live authentically with an open heart as an entrepreneur. Show up in your business and in your mission in a way that magnetizes the people that are meant to be served by you.
  • You’ll be given the opportunity to rediscover your potential, and to cultivate the inner power that comes from finding true self. It’s time to figure out just who and what you see when you look into your own eyes. Awakening is the focus on day 1 as we rekindle the body’s energies in all their various forms.

Day 2 

  • Getting you ready to spread your wings.
  • As you unveil your heart and experience finding true self, you’ll delve through the layers of thoughts and emotions until you begin to undo the negative patterns that have been keeping you from your divine essence.  
  • Awakening with a renewed sense of self and oneness with others and the universe, through light, sound, and vibration. 
  • We’ll revisit your past and connect with the present on our way to clearing a path for your future.
  • Honoring your heart and keeping it open. All those things you’ve been taking for granted – the breathing, the posture, the smile that lights your face – take on a new sense of priority

Day 3

  • Bringing your true essence into daily life and business.
  • Mechanics of Law of Attraction: learn the essential role that your body plays in intentional creation and manifestation.
  • Learn how to use your mind's eye and mindscreen for creating what you choose in all areas of your life : principles of the brain. 
  • Wrap up. 


As I finished writing the outline of TSTB retreat for June 2019, I can't help but imagine all the changes that would have occured in you who will be attending this event. I am imagining your life 6 months after the retreat, two years afterwards or 10 years later. I can't help but feel super excited for you! 

Here is how some other past participant's lives have changed

  • Trena went from being confused about what she wanted to offer the world in her business (because she wasn't allowing her innate gifts to come through ) to creating a full bloom program, in her airplane ride back home. Now, she's so excited to be hosting her own live retreats.  

  • Madiha has blossomed so much from being so full of anxiety, to now being so much more grounded, and following her dream of traveling around the country ( she is looking younger and younger everyday by the way )  

  • Cindy, who use to physically react, breaking into hives, to speaking in front of a handful of people, shared how she's now choosing to do public speaking.  

If you are seeing this special page, it's because you are in my inner circle, Energy Immersion Circle, and you are getting to sign up for TSTB Sedona retreat at the lowest possible price ever. But this offer is only available until Monday, April 29th @ 5pm Mountain time. 

After that the price will be going up. When Early Bird pricing ends, and after this goes public, the price will be $1,200 which is exactly what some participants paid last year. 

Extra Bonuses: if you sign up by Saturday the 27th 

1. Access to my 3- session ESRM program ( live or recording ) - Value: $397 

2. Four Light - sound - vibration sessions, to prepare you vibrationally to receive more health, joy, happiness, peace and abundance in your life - Price: $597

Before you go...

In case it isn't very clear why I am so passionate for as many people as possibe to experience TSTB Sedona retreat, the answer is in exactly what Karla, who experienced connecting to her true essence, shared in the video below. 

She said this: "If everyone in the world were to experience connecting to their true selves, there wouldn't be any wars in the world, and we would all live in harmony" 

I really can't wait for you to experience this for yourself. I really, really, really can't wait to meet you, and give you a hug in Sedona! <3 

Questions about the retreat?

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