Facebook Ads Made Simple For Maximum Profits ( Free Class ) 

  • Learn the 3 different types of Facebook Ads and in which cases it's best to use each one of them - step by step, I will show you how to create all 3 types.

  • I will share how I paid for my first few Facebook ads, even when I didn't have the budget for it ( you too can do this! )

  • My very unique way of creating copy that grabs attention, gets people sharing my ads wildly and brings clients to my business for FREE ( the same method I used to create the copy for my ad that currently has 1230 shares ).

  • Learn what pixels are, the step by step of setting them up, and how to use them to lower your price/conversion and maximize your profit.

  • How to troubleshoot your ads so you know what to tweak when they are not working, and turn them into money-making ads. 
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